Welcome to our website. Here you will find out all about our past, present and future projects. First let me tell you a little bit about us.


Khudéla was established in 2009 in Berlin, Germany by myself, Nadine , and some other artists and inspiring/influential people.


Our goal is design and promote creative projects to institutions and groups not only locally but throughout Europe.


All of our projects are interactive and inclusive based and promote individual expression and personnel development as well as team building and group dynamics.


Our personnel are made up mainly of freelance artists ranging from musicians, actors, painters, photographers, translators, film-makers, teachers and technicians (lighting, sound recording and video editing) and are hired on a project by project basis.


Khudéla is a GbR (Gesellschaft des bürgerlichen Rechts) which, in simple terms, is a small business. Our business model is Not For Profit so our charge per project is cost based.


I hope you find our content interesting and for any further information or for quiries relating to collaborations please don’t hesitate to contact me.


With kind regards





Nadine Rahimtoola






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