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Nadine Rahimtoola

Khudéla co-founder, theatre artist & pedagogue

Nadine is a multifaceted artist with roots in The Netherlands, India and England and a co-founder of Khudéla.  In 2004 she trained in London as a teacher of dramatic arts and as a performer at The School of Physical Theatre London. In 2007 she moved to Berlin and completed her training at the Atelier für physisches Theater (Apt-Comica).

Her past and present collaborations have been with the Staatsoper Unter der Linden, Ballhaus Naunystrasse and Wannsee Forum among others, as a director, writer, pedagogue, puppet maker/performer, mask maker/performer and costume design.

In June 2019, Nadine opened LAMDA Centre Berlin (or LCB), a private center that trains learners of all ages in Speech and Drama exams and and qualifications, using the curriculum from the accredited and internationally recognised LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts). In addition, Nadine is a Relaxation Therapist specialising in Autogenic Training (AT) and Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), and an Art Therapist.



Ken Burke

Khudéla co-founder, musican & educator

Ken is a self taught musician/composer/film maker/music producer and more. He was born in Dublin, Ireland and as a musician he established an organisation called Fusebox in the mid-90's. The aim of Fusebox was to provide various services for independent musicians. These services included Recording and Rehearsal facilities as well as design, marketing and administration.

Branching out into music facilitation Ken delivered workshops in schools and Youth groups throughout Ireland offering songwriting workshops. Between 1999 and 2005 Ken wrote over 200 songs and made over 100 music videos as part of the workshop programme. Ken spent some time as a performer in Austria before locating to Berlin in 2008. In 2009 he co-founded Khudéla with Nadine.

Jessica Hellmann 

Actress, acting coach & pedagogue

Jessica is an awarded theatre actress and movement performer. Having trained at The Akademie Berlin and LAMDA, Jessica played London's theatre stages (The Young Vic, The Nave and RAH) before life took her to back to Berlin in 2013. There she worked with different theatre companies (Tentheater, Les Enfants Terrbibles, Theater Anu) traveling around Europe and Asia with their productions. Jessica produced her first own play 'SEHN.SUCHT' in 2015 and nowadays also works as an acting/drama coach and teacher.

She teaches at several theatre schools in Berlin (Goldoni, Stagefactory, Meisner School Berlin) and is known for her very unique teacher approach combining different methods in order to create an authentic and emotionally touching acting performance and experience.

Ulla Ondratschek

Teacher, Khudéla consultant

Ulla Ondratschek, former teacher for Primary and Secondary schools(1974 -2018) and trainer for young teachers .I have been involved in Comenius- and Erasmus+ Projects since 1997.  My strong interest recently is to change the habits of questioning in schools, from narrow questions with no choices to open questions which give choices and allow different answers.


Ulla Ondratschek , ehemalige Lehrerin für Grund- und Sekundarschule (1974-2018)  und Fachseminarleiterin für Englisch für Referendare. Seit 1997 habe ich Comenius- und Erasmus+ Projekte beantragt und durchgeführt.  Mein besonderes Interesse gilt  den gestellten Fragen und Aufgaben in den Schulen, von der engen, linearen Frage zu offenen Fragen, die eine Auswahl bieten und zu unterschiedlichen Antworten führen können.

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