Who are Khudéla

Khudéla was established in 2012 as a interdisciplinary artist collective by Nadine Rahimtoola and Ken Burke. We are a Berlin based company who offer creative projects and services to various organisations including schools, higher level institutions, youth groups and individuals in Germany and throughout Europe as part of EU and local funded projects. We are a non-profit organisation operating with a core staff of two people on a project to project basis. We hire talented freelance artists from our extensive database depending on the nature of the project and to which fit the project profile. Our income is generated through project funding from external sources. Our main funds come from the EU for Erasmus+ projects as well as local and regional funds for projects with schools in Berlin. Khudélas involvement in EU projects has resulted in us been nominated for and receiving the award for first prize from PLuS “Praktisches Lernen und Schulen 2016 and the Erasmus+ prize (2015-2017) for best project.

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