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Smartphones +/-

A creative project about the use and impact of smartphones and social media in our society using theatre, film, creative writing and visual art.


"Smartphones +/- " is a project that was lead by Jessica and Nadine in 2023 at Fuchsbau Haus der Jugend. In this project, teenagers used creative explorations to dive into the topics of smartphones and social media, weighing the pros and cons and reflecting on the use of screen time and its consequences - positive and negative. They designed and set up  an interactive exhibition with various spaces/rooms where quiz questions were answered, film collages were watched, phones of the future were drawn, sound collages were heard, poems were read and a performance was played.


Inside the Emoji room, with an online "Which Emoji are you?" quizz.

A social media video collage on constant loop.

Funded by:

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