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Die Zeitmachine

A Commedia dell' Arte film developed and written by Nadine Rahimtoola and children from Beerwinkel Grundschule classes 4, 5 and 6. Filmed and edited by Ken Burke. Performed at Rathaus Spandau in 2018

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This projected started with improvisation workshops based on Commedia dell’Arte scenes and characters. After the children were familiar with the characters and their motivations they were able to take part in a 3-day story writing workshop, which is when they developed the final story “Der Zeitmachine”. They could then choose a character of their choice that they wanted to perform and during a mask making workshop with Nadine, they created their own professional masks. During 2 months, the children and Khudéla filmed scenes for the film at various places in Alt-Spandau. In addition to the film, a performance was created from the story which became mixture of a staged performance and film. It premiered at Rathaus Spandau. 


In sixteen century Italy Il Dottore accidentally creates a time machine and suddenly finds himself in present day Berlin. Overwhelmed and a little curious about his new surroundings he sets off to absorb the wonders and dangers of this future world. Meanwhile, back in sixteen century Italy, his daughter Isabella and friends Pantalone, Columbina, Arlecchinio, Flavio and Pedrolino are trying to retrace his steps when they too stumble upon the time machine and are all transported into the same city in the future. Fascinated and frightened by this incident they make a plan to work together as best they can by learning about new technology like smartphones and the internet in the hope that they will find the professor.

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