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Kreativ Englisch
mit Shadowspiel und Musik

A year long project with Year 6 (primary school) children supporting the learning of the English language using music, acting and shadow puppetry.



Kreativ Englisch mit Shadowspiel und Musik, was a 9-month project in participation with the students of the 6th class of Beerwinkel Grundschule in Spandau, Berlin. During the school year of 2011/2012, we supported the English department by teaching their pupils the English language through music and theater whilst creating a shadow puppet musical with them. 

Together with Khudéla, the 6th class brainstormed the theme ‘environment’, wrote their own script for the musical based on the theme, wrote and recorded their own songs, created shadow puppet characters, performed, and supported us technically, all in the English language. From a class who started off with being unsure of this foreign language, they ended up with a fantastic knowledge of it, and most importantly, had gained full confidence in speaking it and in themselves. 


The performance that resulted from this hard work is 'Catastrophe Hotel'.

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