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Mein Berlin

A devised theatre piece with projections and films created by kids in the 7th class from Hector-Peterson School under guidance of Khudéla.

Berlin, 2019-2020



Together with 21 students from the Hector-Peterson Schule, Khudéla  (Nadine, Jessica & Ken) created a theatre performance which premiered on the 28th of January 2020. The performance was made up of various scenes, sketches and films which depicted life in Berlin from the experiences and perspectives from the students. Khudéla worked for 4 months with the 7th class on various theatre techniques and improvisations. At various points throughout the 4 months, the students were given written tasks based on their life in Berlin, their surroundings, experiences at home and at school, with their friends and families. Based on the written outcomes, scenes and sketches were improvised, object theatre with shoes was created for a filmed scene and a group was also taken out onto the streets to created a film of their own surroundings where they grew up, mainly Kottbusser Tor and surroundings. This film was projected throughout a few scenes during the performance. 

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