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Onkel Fred's Garten

A shadow puppet film about Terra Preta, written and developed together with Khudéla by children from grade 4 and 5 from Grundschule im Beerwinkel 




Onkel Fred's Garten, a story about Terra Preta, was created during a story writing workshop at Ökozentrum Sensthof in Reetz/Wiesenburg, Germany that was led by Nadine.


This story is part of another Erasmus+ project 'Back to our Future' which ran from 2014 - 2016. The 11 participating schools from Austria, Belarus (associated), Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Spain and Turkey worked together on the idea, about what we can learn from the past and what we can take with us into our future. Topics like entertaining ourselves with games, gardening and agriculture, ecology, economy and recycling things have been brought into practical life. In their fables and stories the children reflect on what they have learnt and how their lives will be or could be in the future. The topic that Beerwinkel school in Germany choose was Terra Preta. This is where the story originated.


From all the fables of all the 11 participating countries, a book of European fables and stories was edited by Khudéla and printed on Stonepaper.


Stonepaper is a symbol of Mother Earth and a representative for the opinion that our planet and all humans exist in a symbiotic way. Stonepaper is a tree free paper, a natural product manufactured from calcium carbonate and CaCO3 powder, using proprietary additives as a bonding agent. The calcium carbonate is collected as waste material at existing limestone quarries and is ground up into a fine white chalk powder. A small quantity of non-toxic resin is then added and together these materials are converted into a printable substrate. The production does not need water, acids or bleach, and therefore there are no toxic elements in it or sewage left over. Stonepaper is water resistant and has no fibres. Therefore it does not absorb ink and the resulting pictures are extraordinary clear and full of contrast.

Furthermore a shadow puppet film was made based on the story of Onkel Fred's Garten. The puppets and backgrounds for the film were created by the pupils who wrote the story using elements from nature and drawings. The story was transcribe into a script and was directed by Nadine. It was filmed and edited by Ken Burke. 

This project won the award for 1st prize from PLuS "Praktisches Lernen und Schulen 2016" and the Erasmus+ Prize for best project 2015-2017.

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