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Sams Dream

A shadow puppet performance by Khudéla 2009



Sam is a young girl who, while playing with her big bright red kite, loses it when a gust of wind carries it away behind some trees. That night Sam dreams that she is searching for her kite and meets lots of animals along the way. The animals help Sam in her search and together they go on a wonderful adventure.... 


Sam's Dream is a collaboration by Nadine Rahimtoola and Ken Burke. They wrote the story together interweaving the fantastical with the magical to create a fictional wonderland filled with animated characters. The shadow puppets, designed and hand crafted by Nadine, come alive in a world where anything is possible. Combining the puppets with carefully chosen songs, performed by Ken, help to enrich the dynamic of the story. Even though this is Children's Theatre, it is enjoyed by anyone who is still young at heart!

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