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The Quest for the Salt Crystal

An interactive eBook collaboration between

Khudéla and pupils from 11 European countries, 2012-2014



This story is truley an innovative European collaboration, created by over 1000 school children in Europe and beyond! The participants were all part of the COMENIUS Salt project of 2012-2014. The ideas for the story, the illustrations and the songs were a collaboration between the children and Khudéla. The story interweaves fantasy with reality and introduces mythological creatures and legends from Germany, Poland, Austria, Greece, Scotland, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Belarus, Romania and Turkey.  


Our story takes place in present time Europe during a time of crisis - Salt is running out! We are introduced to Zoey, an ordinary girl living in Berlin. One night in her dreams she meets Hermes, Greek Messenger of the Gods, who tells her she has been chosen to go on a quest around Europe. She must find different ingredients, which when mixed together in a brew, will create a magical salt crystal. This crystal will bring salt back to Europe. To join Zoey on her quest is Bär, the friendly big, brown bear from Europe. During their adventures they meet a dragon called Tiger, a mysterious blue haired boy, a giant bird, three mystical sisters, a magician and his posse, a singing ghost, a fairy trapped in a box, a strange woman on the moon and many many more characters!

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