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Get to Know Us

Khudéla is an interdisciplinary collective of freelance artists, educators, coaches and facilitators from various creative disciplines. We work together to empower, educate and make space for creative expression.  


OUR PHILOSOPHY: Every art form has its own unique power to positively transform and make a difference in peoples lives.


OUR MISSION: To promote creative expression and to support the wellbeing of humans through the creative arts by offering workshops, projects, courses and films that open dialogues and make a difference. 


Natalia, Spain

"We have met amazing people and The Caretaker Project made us better people. Thank you so much Nadine and Ken"

Get in Touch

If you are  interested in working with us or would you like to participate in an EU course or are interested in having a custom film made or you have a burning question, then please contact us by filling out this form here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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