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English skills off the beaten track:
Explore Berlin's underground creative scene with its native English speaking artists

Teacher Training Course 

Key Action 1
Mobility Projects

“Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.” - David Bowie -

Course overview

Are you a teacher, an educator, a school administrator or school staff looking for a unique and exciting way to improve your English language skills? Are you looking for a course that will prepare you to immerse yourself confidently in an international setting with international colleagues? Then "English Skills Off the Beaten Track" is exactly the course for you! Our one week language course offers both in-class language study and a cultural or artistic activity to engage your language skills directly each day. Khudéla's English language tutor's and artists within Berlin's art scene will keep you off the usual tourist traps and guide you through some of the real gems that Berlin's underground art scene has to offer.  Our class time will hone your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills whilst our outings will be paired with assignments which will keep you on the learning curve. This course aims to sharpen your english skills in an international environment by engaging with native speaking people from all over the world. Our course objective is to have you speaking with confidence and ease in a multitude of different settings and environments. 


Course details

Did you know that 56% of germans speak English fluently? And It has been estimated that around 80% of Berlins population speaks English with an increasing number of English speaking expats making Berlin it’s home each year.  No wonder Ber course for you! lin has been called the most international city in the world, and is Europe’s number one cultural metropolis.  


In Berlin there’s an exhaustive amount of English speaking cultural activities to partake in. 

What better way to improve your English skills than taking the classroom out into Berlin’s English speaking artistic playground? We believe that when taking the English class outside and immersing oneself in an interactive way through these cultural activities, ones learning curve develops exponentially. It’s precisely these engaging experiences that enables the learner to absorb a language with more efficiency and ease.  


During our course, you will be challenged with assignments that will ask you to apply the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each day has an in-class component that will prepare you for the day’s activities (comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, etc.). These activities will include: a guided tour that’s off the beaten track, an interview with a local native English speaking poet,  a theatre performance at one of Berlin’s most renowned English speaking theatres, live music with back stage interviews and an English bookshop crawl.


Learning a language should be engaging and motivating. Even though these cultural activities will be thrilling, we never lose sight of the objective to improve your English skills. 

Not only is Khudela comprised of  educators, facilitators and trainers, we are also professional native English speaking artists who are deeply embedded in Berlin's arts scene. 

Because of our extensive network, Khudéla will give you the opportunity to meet some of Berlin’s most colorful and creative characters who keep the pulse of the city alive with their vibrant art. 

We are able to offer an eclectic and unique language learning experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else!  


Come and join us on an English learning cultural extravaganza! 

Duration and workload

Start date: Our courses will  usually start on a Sunday
End date: Our courses will usually end on the following Saturday

Place: Our workshops take place in Berlin, Germany

Duration: 7 days
Workload: 25 hours in total


Classes take place every day from 9:00 - 14:00.

Free time and activities offered: Free time is allocated every day from either 9:00 - 14:00 from 9:00 - 17:00 or from 14:00 onwards (depending on the cultural activity of the day. Please take a look at our provisional schedule. Khudéla will recommend cultural activities for those free afternoons and also for the evenings. Activities may include visits to museums, places of interest, theatres and music events.

DAY 1 (Sunday) - Welcome & course introduction (9:00-14:00)

  • Icebreaker activities

  • Weekly overview of in-class and cultural activities.

  • Reading comprehension assignment to prepare for Monday’s themed guided tour

Day 2 (Monday) - Themed Guided Tour (Bowie/Street Art etc.)  (9:00-14:00)

  • Guided Tour (Listening & Speaking) (3hrs)

  • Guided tour writing exercise (2hrs)

Day 3 -  (Tuesday) - Jazz club and backstage talk with renowned jazz drummer 

(17:00 - 19:00,  21:00 -00:00)

  • Reading comprehension and questionnaire on iconic jazz figures and the history of jam sessions (Skills applied: reading and writing) (17:00-19:00) 

  • Jazz jam session and backstage talk (Skills applied: Listening and speaking)

Day 4 - (Wednesday) - English bookshop hopping (14:00 - 19:00)

  • Visit and explore 2 renowned English bookshops in Berlin

  • Reading and writing activity in bookshop

(This will be an opportunity to expand your English library)


Day 5 - (Thursday) - Interview with a local poet in Berlin’s cafe culture.  (9:00 - 14:00)

  • Morning cafe meeting to prepare for interview with poet

  • Life story, interview and poetry reading with questionaire and comprehension exercises afterwards.

Day 6 - (Friday) - English theatre performance.(16:00 - 1800, 19:30-22:30)

  • Researching in preparation (on tablet) the play: synopsis, characters, plot, genre. 

  • Using simple theatrical techniques (role play) in order to familiarize oneself with the evenings theatre performance. 

Day 7 - (Saturday) - Reflection & evaluation day. (digital day) 

  • Evaluation 1: In-formal evaluation activity with weeks reflection. 

  • Evaluation 2: Formal EU evaluation form

  • Receive certificates: 

    • Khudéla certificate of attendance and completion

    • Europass certificates are provided upon request.


Target audience

Appropriate for teachers and trainers in secondary schools, vocational education schools and organisations, adult learning providers with Level 2 or 3 English skills (B1-C2)

The course targets all Level 2-3 educators who are interested in improving their English skills with native English speakers from various parts of the world. If you are looking to refine your English to speak and feel comfortable in international settings with international colleagues and students, then this is the course for you! 

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:

  • Improve your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

  • Sharpen your listening and communication skills with native speaking artists whilst learning about their art.

  • Build greater confidence in using the English language in an international speaking environment. 

  • Improve your discussion skills and knowledge on a range of creative  and cultural themes.

  • Share teaching resources and experiences in an international environment.

  • Network and build strong relationships with colleagues from all over Europe.

  • Explore and visit the 'real Berlin' with English speaking artists who live there.  ​ 


  • Language skill presentations

  • Face 2 face Interviews with local artists

  • Creative research

  • Language games

Thematic units

Each art modality is a bridge to maximise our potential to teach effectively in a creative way. 

  • Visual arts —> dialogue with self 

  • Music —> rhythm and social engagement

  • Theatre —> embodying the functions and roles we play 

  • Dance/Movement —> Communication through movement. Embodied learning.

  • Creative writing/Journalling —> to bring out metaphors of our own inner experience

Learning material

The learning material is digital and consists of support and preparation material in English language.

Course specifics

Course Language: English

No. of participants: Min. 8, Max. 20

Certification awarded: 2 certificates will be awarded:

1. Khudéla Certificate of Attendance, including description of the course contents.

2.An official EUROPASS certificate will be provided upon request.

Price*: 600€ (INCLUDES: all creative (course) activities, organisation, management, tuition  fees).

Early bird price 560€ (6 weeks before start of course).

*Additional costs such as excursions and cultural activities outside form the course can range from 20€ - 50€ and are to be paid by the participant. 

*Food and accommodation are NOT included. Please check Erasmus+ funding opportunities here.

Our courses are eligible to be completely funded by the Erasmus+ KA1 funds ​

Click the link below to view and download our comprehensive pdf info sheet.

Course acronym meanings for registration form

TTHP = Teach to your highest potential

C = Enhance your communication and presentation skills using theatrical techniques.

BE = Brush up on your business English

All our courses take place in Berlin, Germany

Price: 600€ / Early Bird*: 560€

PIC No.: 890137961

OID: E10247545

*Early Bird: valid if you register at least 6 weeks before the course starts, and pay within payment deadlines.

NOTE: If none of these dates suits you please mind that if there are at least 8 participants interested we may organize an additional session ad-hoc for your school.


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