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This short animation was created using the technique of stop-motion silhouette animation. Jasconius is accompanied by music performed by a family of three talented musicians, Lothar (saxophone), Julie (piano) and their daughter Mia (drums). The music was recorded and produced at Keller4 Studios in Berlin. Whist our flm was projected onto a screen, Lothar, Julie and Mia improvised live together giving our film the musical voice necessary to accompany the viewer through its various landscapes. 


Jasconius is about a man who works his socks off day in day out in a job that does not stimulate him but rather wears him down. He feels like the worlds problems are heavily weighed upon his shoulders, while he drifts further away from himself. One day he spontaneously decides to skip work and goes for a wander. Fate blows into Jasconius' life, bringing with it Birdy Long Legs and Grandma. With their playfulness and wise council, Jasconious finds his soul returning back into his empty shell. 


Jasconius was officially selected for international film festivals in 2021 & 2022.


Lift Off Film Festival (nominated for best "First Time Film Maker 2021")

European Short Film Festival (nominated for "Best short animation")

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